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P Culture


Peripol Creative's culture is one we experience, create,
and grow each and every day. We have enthusiasm,
the source of all that we do, and curiosity, feeding our enthusiasm.
There is the Peripol culture that makes us love what we do,
and makes you love Peripol.

There is empathy in this culture.

Being understanding is the basis of our culture.
We love beauty of the works that stem from mutual empathy.
There is no restriction and impossibility in our vocabulary.

There is trust in this culture.

Our priorities are time and quality.
We set our sights on this target,
and Peripol never fails to deliver when locked on the target.

There is loyalty in this.

Ever since the dawn of time, there is one subject matter everyone and 
everything has always been on pursuit of: communication.
This subject won't go away anytime soon probably ever.
We are in this with you for the long haul.

There is innovation in this culture.

Innovation is idea blended with experience.
We have enthusiasm, desire, excitement and
never-ending curiosity to produce these ideas.


Özge Bağdatlı
Director of Strategy
Tuğçe Ayçiçek
Creative Director
Levent Akgün
Production Coordinator
Esma Köse
Project Coordinator
Z. Emra Çakır
Sr. Concept Designer
Ceren Samıkıran
Account Manager
Zümra Büyükbayrak
Client Director
Hande Baki
Social Media Specialist
Emre Yiğit
Software Development Specialist
Emine Kundakçı
Office Assistant

P Academy

Peripol Academy goes after opportunities for your professional development.
As you go forward professionally, so does Peripol.
Why don't you take a look?

The way of improving together

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esentepe mahallesi kasap sk. no: 20/19
şişli - i̇stanbul / türkiye